Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome Home Baku!: Pictures

So our plan was to be on the road by 11am... that was quickly deterred as John had some last minutes work at home to do and I was dragging Rachel along with us. So by 1130 we're grabbing food and drinks when Bec starts texting us. We swing by work to bring her along because hell, the more the merrier!

I drove to Havasu with Rachel in the passenger's seat constantly yelling at me to drive carefully. We made it in resonable time and hurray puppy!
He's sooo tiny - only 4lbs! He's still super friendly, and tries to climb over your shoulders in order to give kisses. We're probably not going to send in his AKC papers since we're not breeding or showing him. Breeder said he'll probably lighten up to a nice red and lose a lot of the black and grey on his body. I hope not because it's seriously cute.

John drove on the way back and Baku was fantastic the whole car ride! Only one little freak out but besides that he napped or watched out the window.

He adjusted really well to being home - very quick with the housebreaking (no accidents so far!) and he doesn't bother the cats too much unless he thinks they want to play. We've already gotten a taste of the Shiba 500 and the infamous Shiba scream.

More to come later!

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