Thursday, February 25, 2010


Good news - I have a job interview on Tuesday and I'm pretty confident that it'll go well. I'm pretty excited and most everyone else is too, of course the S.O. is "too busy" to be excited. Huh.

Lately though, I've just been feeling like getting a car and driving until I hit the Atlantic Ocean. I've been craving the experience and desire for nothing but open road, wind in my hair and good music. Of course, enjoy getting blitzed with my close friends when I get there is just the cherry on top. It's depressing to know I can't and probably won't be able to for years yet.

I feel lost again and hope that I get this job, I may find some sort of direction with it.

This is getting depressing so I'm going to do something useful, like post a picture of my cat in my underwear drawer.

Night bitches <3