Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baku: Pictures!

Mid-July, three litters of puppies were born. One of them is ours! Two of the litters are 3 weeks old and so chubby and fluffy.

There are a total of seven puppies, I think 4 of them are males. All of them are red or red sesame (black tipped fur).

We're making plans to go to Havasu next Sunday to visit the puppies and hopefully pick ours out! They'll also be in town on the 25th for their shots.

Seeing pictures is probably the best thing ever! Now comes the fun of buying all the puppy stuff and puppy-proofing the apartment. PUPPY!

Oh yea, I also got a job. =D

P.S. So after long deliberation, we decided to change the name to Baku!

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